• Death Knell

    The Sherlarin were a tribe of goliaths who ruled the southern mountains of Abanasia before the time of The Witch King. Our chieftain was a man by the name of Aurikan the Dauntless Anakalathian. His leaps spanned chasms, hsi words were as titanic as the …

  • Welcome

    Every campaign gets an Adventure Log, a blog for your adventures! While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it's not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog! The Adventure Log will allow you to …

  • Session 1

    It's early spring in the city of Cliffwall. Optimism is up as the greates part of the caravan and trading season is about to begin, before the ground unfreezes and the roads are too muddied in summer, but after winter has given its all. A fresh faced …

  • Session 2

    2nd session: 10/28/11: As the group reaches the last room of the crypt, they see the following: The room empties into a cold dark marble floor. Purple torches light the room in ambient light. A human woman, wearing leather armor is kneeling in front …

  • Session 3

    The party took on a task from the cliff rangers to break up an Orc alliance between the stone tooth tribe and the black fist tribe. Information is revealed that indicate the cloven witch is pushing for this alliance. The group defeated the cloven witch, …

  • Session 4

    The group embarked out on the caravan w/ Taravan Duchesne. They met the sister of the deceased, Annavyn Forgebuster and proceeded to stop some Trolls who attacked the caravan. Taravyn informed them that one of the puzzle pieces belonged to a Kalistan …

  • Session 5

    The group hurried down the trade road to catch up with Taravin when they came upon a couple of knights. One of them introduced himself as Constadine Ballantine, a knight from western Damara, out recruiting swords to help fight The Purge, a humanoid group …

  • Session 6

    The group was hired to find Prince Daryn Goldmaze, who had ended up missing after going on one of his 'adventures'. The group tracked down his path to The Cave of the Wind. After some searching, they found the Prince and ended up taking out an Air …

  • Session 7

    The group decided to stay in Greyaxe, and took up the tournament for the hand of Melistra Goldcage, cousin of the King's house. One of the Storm Squad, Frumgar, ended up beating out a Knight of Discipline, Asric Magmafist for her hand. The group then …

  • Session 8

    Grutog talked the group into trying to find the path of the legendary dwarven city Korini Del Tor. The group found a guide to the entrance (based on rumor) in a place called Krepts Canyon. That person was named Durgus, who was a holy warrior of Moradin. …

  • Home Page

    Welcome to Abanasia, a battle worn nation ringed by mountains and bordered by the Great Glacier. Many adventurers come here, as rumors of vast wealth left in these untamed lands trickle out to the civilized south.

  • Main Page

    h1. Welcome to your wiki! This is your wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for your wiki. From here you can begin organizing your campaign! To get you started, here are some examples of what you can do with the wiki. To see how these work, …

  • Aurora

    Seafoam green hair adorns her shoulders, with Akins smile on her lips. She seems to have some artistic talent.

  • Constadine Ballantine

    Constadine has been recruiting in Abanasia to try and round up men to deal with The Purge, a humanoid tribe that is harrassing their mining efforts in a mine in Western Damara. His squire is a young lad named Jonathan Wilmington.

  • Zendra Firewind

    Zendra has a tower in Blackstone. She approached the group when they were on the road to Greyaxe. She seemed to have some knowledge of the group. Some rumored that she is from a Theyan family originally.

  • Kalistan Blackfeather

    Kalistan was from a group of wilder elves, and after his adventures he settled into an area of central abanasia with his splinter group of kin. He died fighting The Saltwraith.

  • Annavyn Forgebuster

    Met the party when the caravan left Cliffwall to head towards Greyaxe. Her brother is the one who passed away.

  • Yoghil

    Group met Yoghil when they were searching for Kalistan Blackfeather.

  • Elix Skipper

    Elix is a halfing bard that Thraex met in Cliffwall when researching an obisidian ring. He's a fun loving sort who has quite a bit of knowledge of the realms.

  • Renly

    The group has one of Renly's rings, an obisidian ring of protection +1

  • Sensabon

    Elix Skipper told Thraex that a man by the name of Sensabon collected the works of Renly, and could be persuaded to pay top dollar for them.

  • The Cloven Witch

    The group convinced The Cloven Witch to break up the orcish alliance that was starting to form near cliffwall. Since then, the witch has promised to leave the Cliffwall area.

  • Ascentus

    Ascentus told the group the following: The Sherlarin were a tribe of goliaths who ruled the southern mountains of Abanasia before the time of The Witch King. Our chieftain was a man by the name of Aurikan the Dauntless Anakalathian. His leaps spanned …

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