Loremaster of the Sherlarin, now a program at the Temple of Understanding


Ascentus told the group the following:

The Sherlarin were a tribe of goliaths who ruled the southern mountains of Abanasia before the time of The Witch King. Our chieftain was a man by the name of Aurikan the Dauntless Anakalathian. His leaps spanned chasms, hsi words were as titanic as the rocks themselves. He wielded a mattock that foes called “Death Knell”, for if you heard the tolling of the bells, you were already dead.

Not every great man lives forever. A clan of storm giants took up residence in the area, enslaving the downlanders. When they made the mistake of enslaving the Sherlarin, Aurikan lead an assault on the giant compound. Aurikan killed the chieftain’s son/brother and wife before encountering the chief himself, a collossus of a giant by the name of Revnik. The battle raged on for an hour, and was stopped suddenly when Death Knell impacted the giant’s maul, exploding the giants weapon and casuing an avalanche.

The Sherlarin won the battle, but lost their cheiftain and shortly thereafter lost the war, as the giants were working with The Witch King. Seeing the writing on the wall, the Sherlarin retreated to a secluded valley. There, they found peace for some time, before the sickness starting taking them.

I was sent back here, to a temple that was build for both dwarven and goliath gods to be worshipped in hopes that some of our kin would be bold enough to seek out the lost valley of the Sherlarin.


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