The Wild North

Session 2

2nd session: 10/28/11: As the group reaches the last room of the crypt, they see the following:

The room empties into a cold dark marble floor. Purple torches light the room in ambient light. A human woman, wearing leather armor is kneeling in front of some sort of alter. A deep growl echos from our right. The woman stands up and turns and as she does you realize that she’s not a mortal. Her form is outlined in black and she flickers like the torches. “Zhengi was defeated, but at what cost? Your warmth, your beating hearts mock my sacrifice. Let me show you true pain.”

The group fought and defeated the frozen shade and a Shadow Mastiff. They recovered a mithril puzzle piece and the Forgebuster amulet that they were tasked. They see a plaque "Here lies Myriam, one of the heroes who defeated Zhengi – though she died before that fateful fight her sacrifice made the victory possible. Trae received “Shadowkissed” which reduces his miss chance by -10% on incorporal creatures. Upon returning to Taravan Duchesne, he revealed what the puzzle pieces were. The lich Zhengi used this puzzle as a map to a hidden trove of treasure. Duchesne and the party came to an arrangement, help find the other 15 pieces and split the treasure evenly. If they decide not to at any point, Duchesne will pay 2k gp per puzzle piece per party member.

Astrid was revealed as a a member of the Chak-Tari, and the Cliff Rangers made a move to arrest her. After a series of events, Taravan Duchesene was forced to publicly to publicly declare Astrid as an adopted daughter and Astrid had to assist in one task for Cliff Rangers; break up an orc alliance between the Stonetooth and Black Fist tribes in order to avoid being sent to the dungeon by the leader of the Cliff Rangers, Delluvyn Masure. Apparently the Cliff Rangers and the Chak Tari tribe had gotten into a conflict about five years ago where some Cliff Rangers (including Delluvyn’s brother) were killed.



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