The Wild North

Session 1

It’s early spring in the city of Cliffwall. Optimism is up as the greates part of the caravan and trading season is about to begin, before the ground unfreezes and the roads are too muddied in summer, but after winter has given its all. A fresh faced adventurer or two is seen every day or so trickling in, all with grand plans to ‘tame the northland’.

In session 1, we are introduced to the town of Cliffwall. We meet a group of diverse adventurers, Thraex Vignar Vargach, a Dragonborn (?) who has come north in search of answers; Sedry Parrington a chaos gnome spellthief who has made Cliffwall his home for the past few years; Grutog, The Red Thunder, a goliath paladin/knight of freedom who has roamed these mountains for most of his life; Taran Silverblade, a half elf who is on a family quest; and Astrid a female barbarian of the Chak Tari tribe.

All five of them are invited to House Duchesne, one of the big trading families. The front gate has a crest emblazoned on the stone. It appears to be a poker hand, 3 aces and 2 queens. The estate is rather large, taking up an entire city block. Two dwarven guards stand watch at the front. There are a few evergreen trees that can be seen in the front lawn. Vincent, a well dressed dwarven butler ushers them inside. Taravan Duchesne, and his wife Xysia greet them and ask them if they are interested in taking on a mission. A fallen friend of Taravan’s has tasked him with retrieving an amulet that he lost while adventuring with him. The amulet was lost in the Crypt of the Frozen Shade, which is a crypt that only opens once every five years when the stars are in the correct alignment. The group meets Aurora, an elven cleric of Correllon

The group agrees (for 650 gps) and they head out. They encounter some worgs, orcs and even ogres, the latter two are from the Broken Spear tribe, an orc tribe (mostly). They overcome those odds and head into the cavern. The cavern will only stay open 3 days, so they pace themselves through the first few rooms of Spiders and some waltzing skeletons.

end of session 1



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