The Wild North

Session 8

Grutog talked the group into trying to find the path of the legendary dwarven city Korini Del Tor. The group found a guide to the entrance (based on rumor) in a place called Krepts Canyon. That person was named Durgus, who was a holy warrior of Moradin. They also were joined by a Cliffwall ranger named Marcus Socur, who stuck with the group for their fight to take out some maurading giants.

After many battles, the group has now entered the cave. Corini Del Tor awaits….

Session 7

The group decided to stay in Greyaxe, and took up the tournament for the hand of Melistra Goldcage, cousin of the King’s house. One of the Storm Squad, Frumgar, ended up beating out a Knight of Discipline, Asric Magmafist for her hand. The group then took to the road to Blackstone, and utilized some smart thinking and politicing to help reunite and bring back to life the two statues in Cliffwall.

The group had a chance to talk to Zendra Firewind again, with Thraex deciding to stay behind as an apprentice.

Session 6

The group was hired to find Prince Daryn Goldmaze, who had ended up missing after going on one of his ‘adventures’. The group tracked down his path to The Cave of the Wind. After some searching, they found the Prince and ended up taking out an Air Gensai and retrieving the pommel of the wind, which is a part of The Sword of the Elements.

Session 5

The group hurried down the trade road to catch up with Taravin when they came upon a couple of knights. One of them introduced himself as Constadine Ballantine, a knight from western Damara, out recruiting swords to help fight The Purge, a humanoid group who was harrassing their mining operation. The group bid him and his cousin well and moved on, where a few days out of Greyaxe, they came accross a dwarven lad running to them, looking for help for his cousin who fell into a pit. The pit turned out to be a compound, which the group cleared out.

The dwarven boy was lost, though Taran gave a temple in Greyaxe the resurrection money. What they found when all was said and done was an illusionary program came to life. He said his name was Ascentus, loremaster of the Sherlarin, an ancient clan of Goliaths who lived hundreds of years ago. His tale was below:

“The Sherlarin were a tribe of goliaths who ruled the southern mountains of Abanasia before the time of The Witch King. Our chieftain was a man by the name of Aurikan the Dauntless Anakalathian. His leaps spanned chasms, hsi words were as titanic as the rocks themselves. He wielded a mattock that foes called “Death Knell”, for if you heard the tolling of the bells, you were already dead.

Not every great man lives forever. A clan of storm giants took up residence in the area, enslaving the downlanders. When they made the mistake of enslaving the Sherlarin, Aurikan lead an assault on the giant compound. Aurikan killed the chieftain’s son/brother and wife before encountering the chief himself, a collossus of a giant by the name of Revnik. The battle raged on for an hour, and was stopped suddenly when Death Knell impacted the giant’s maul, exploding the giants weapon and casuing an avalanche.

The Sherlarin won the battle, but lost their cheiftain and shortly thereafter lost the war, as the giants were working with The Witch King. Seeing the writing on the wall, the Sherlarin retreated to a secluded valley. There, they found peace for some time, before the sickness starting taking them.

I was sent back here, to a temple that was build for both dwarven and goliath gods to be worshipped in hopes that some of our kin would be bold enough to seek out the lost valley of the Sherlarin."

The group met up with everyone and entered Greyaxe. Several things happened, Taran paid the Halea Brightaxe temple to send people to raise the dwarven boy who was slain. Grutog met with the head priestess of the order, Battlemaiden Banala. Thraex found rumors that the King’s son was missing. Sedry entertained some local priestesses of the goddess of laughter and debauchery.

Session 4

The group embarked out on the caravan w/ Taravan Duchesne. They met the sister of the deceased, Annavyn Forgebuster and proceeded to stop some Trolls who attacked the caravan.

Taravyn informed them that one of the puzzle pieces belonged to a Kalistan Blackfeather, whose tribe lived a few days off the trail. The group went to the Wilder Elf tribe. The elder told him Kalistan went into the swamp to battle the Saltwraith, a large black dragon. The group defeated a spawn of that dragon, retrieved the puzzle piece and left the village. Along the way, they met a woman by the name of Zendra Firewind, who seemed to have a lot of knowledge of the group.

Session 3

The party took on a task from the cliff rangers to break up an Orc alliance between the stone tooth tribe and the black fist tribe. Information is revealed that indicate the cloven witch is pushing for this alliance. The group defeated the cloven witch, sparing her life in exchange for her breaking up the alliance by killing both members of the “royal wedding”.

Also, members of the group found out that the statue in the fountain square was once a living person, and she told them a tale of how both she and her love were turned to stone together, and had been put together in the fountain square. Fifteen years ago they’re moved him. After some research they found that the other statue was sold to a private buyer in black gate.

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Session 2

2nd session: 10/28/11: As the group reaches the last room of the crypt, they see the following:

The room empties into a cold dark marble floor. Purple torches light the room in ambient light. A human woman, wearing leather armor is kneeling in front of some sort of alter. A deep growl echos from our right. The woman stands up and turns and as she does you realize that she’s not a mortal. Her form is outlined in black and she flickers like the torches. “Zhengi was defeated, but at what cost? Your warmth, your beating hearts mock my sacrifice. Let me show you true pain.”

The group fought and defeated the frozen shade and a Shadow Mastiff. They recovered a mithril puzzle piece and the Forgebuster amulet that they were tasked. They see a plaque "Here lies Myriam, one of the heroes who defeated Zhengi – though she died before that fateful fight her sacrifice made the victory possible. Trae received “Shadowkissed” which reduces his miss chance by -10% on incorporal creatures. Upon returning to Taravan Duchesne, he revealed what the puzzle pieces were. The lich Zhengi used this puzzle as a map to a hidden trove of treasure. Duchesne and the party came to an arrangement, help find the other 15 pieces and split the treasure evenly. If they decide not to at any point, Duchesne will pay 2k gp per puzzle piece per party member.

Astrid was revealed as a a member of the Chak-Tari, and the Cliff Rangers made a move to arrest her. After a series of events, Taravan Duchesene was forced to publicly to publicly declare Astrid as an adopted daughter and Astrid had to assist in one task for Cliff Rangers; break up an orc alliance between the Stonetooth and Black Fist tribes in order to avoid being sent to the dungeon by the leader of the Cliff Rangers, Delluvyn Masure. Apparently the Cliff Rangers and the Chak Tari tribe had gotten into a conflict about five years ago where some Cliff Rangers (including Delluvyn’s brother) were killed.

Session 1

It’s early spring in the city of Cliffwall. Optimism is up as the greates part of the caravan and trading season is about to begin, before the ground unfreezes and the roads are too muddied in summer, but after winter has given its all. A fresh faced adventurer or two is seen every day or so trickling in, all with grand plans to ‘tame the northland’.

In session 1, we are introduced to the town of Cliffwall. We meet a group of diverse adventurers, Thraex Vignar Vargach, a Dragonborn (?) who has come north in search of answers; Sedry Parrington a chaos gnome spellthief who has made Cliffwall his home for the past few years; Grutog, The Red Thunder, a goliath paladin/knight of freedom who has roamed these mountains for most of his life; Taran Silverblade, a half elf who is on a family quest; and Astrid a female barbarian of the Chak Tari tribe.

All five of them are invited to House Duchesne, one of the big trading families. The front gate has a crest emblazoned on the stone. It appears to be a poker hand, 3 aces and 2 queens. The estate is rather large, taking up an entire city block. Two dwarven guards stand watch at the front. There are a few evergreen trees that can be seen in the front lawn. Vincent, a well dressed dwarven butler ushers them inside. Taravan Duchesne, and his wife Xysia greet them and ask them if they are interested in taking on a mission. A fallen friend of Taravan’s has tasked him with retrieving an amulet that he lost while adventuring with him. The amulet was lost in the Crypt of the Frozen Shade, which is a crypt that only opens once every five years when the stars are in the correct alignment. The group meets Aurora, an elven cleric of Correllon

The group agrees (for 650 gps) and they head out. They encounter some worgs, orcs and even ogres, the latter two are from the Broken Spear tribe, an orc tribe (mostly). They overcome those odds and head into the cavern. The cavern will only stay open 3 days, so they pace themselves through the first few rooms of Spiders and some waltzing skeletons.

end of session 1


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